As I explained in A long term commitment to selling divorce, the media has been selling “gray divorce” as empowerment to boomer women for nearly a decade, using a highly misleading narrative. Fortunately few women (statistically) are actually taken in by this message;  despite the hype late life divorce is statistically rare, as most women intuitively understand the reality of Rollo’s Chart.

But limited success hasn’t discouraged those who are selling gray divorce, and even limited success still can translate to large numbers of men, women, and children being harmed.  For an example of the constant barrage selling gray divorce to boomer women, see the 2010 article in the Denver Post Women getting feet under them after “gray divorce”.   As the title suggests, the article is about the empowerment late life divorce offers to women.  The poster child for the article is then 52 year old Mandy…

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