Omega Exodus Part VII: The Future of Whites in South Africa

The Roper Report


The South Africans will be tired, frightened, sick, frustrated, poor, angry at their situation and what they’ve lost. I anticipate some of them will riot like the Cubans of the Mariel boatlift of the 1980s. They will certainly make a poor first impression in a lot of instances, being smelly, and uncooperative as well as possibly hostile due to fear and extremely suspicious of governments they’ve never encountered before. In the end, they will integrate to a certain degree, and pretty soon roadside cafes will host a new collection of old men who dream of taking back their country, like the Cubans did after they fled to the U.S. in the aftermath of Fidel Castro’s rise to power. This will present a new set of problems for the countries which took them in, but that’s a job for future historians to discuss.

Looking back on this scenario, it’s clear…

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