Be Real

I’m going to be an asshole and say this, because someone needs to.
Being a Christian Identist, Odinist, pagan, etc, is not an “organization”. If you don’t, in your very soul, believe in the God (or God’s) you claim to pray to, then you are not truly whatever it is you are claiming as your religion/spiritual belief. Just call yourself an agnostic, or atheist if you don’t believe in God.

I cannot speak for the other Gods, but I will say that being Christian Identity is not a “club”. It’s not just “something to do” to try to fit in somewhere.
Take off the cross or the Thor hammer or whatever else virtue signaling idol you wear and truly do some soul searching for your beliefs and faith. For true believers don’t need jewelry to prove their devotion.

As a Christian Identist, it’s really becoming ridiculous to see so many people claiming to be Christian Identity and then, they don’t like something some random preacher says and they “quit” Christian Identity. You cannot “quit” Yahweh. I myself have no “membership” with any Christian Identity ministry, I do not need to follow other humans to know what I believe or don’t believe.

I love fellowship with my fellow Christian Identity adherents but don’t call yourself Christian Identity just to try to be my friend.
I have made it very publicly clear that I will work with people who strive to work for the 14 words. But be real.


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