I intend this site to be for things I feel moved to share. Thoughts, recipes, gardening, books, others articles or sites, etc…


I am pro-traditionalism, pro-white culture, pro-sobriety, a mother of three sons,a book lover, a nature lover, pro-healthy living,an advocate of learning self sufficiency skills and survival skills, an animal lover, pro-God, and a wife.

Personality type= ISTJ

l am a constant work in progress, always striving to learn new things. Here, I will share with you a variety of things in hopes you learn something new or teach me something new. Knowledge is power.

I also run the pro-white charity: https://coverourpeoplewithlove.wordpress.com


I run The Shield Maidens Network as well👇



I also run the Shield Of Sobriety👇



D.O.B. 🎁November 30🎉

If you’d like to reach me outside of cyberland, drop me some snail mail at:

Tina Roper

P.O. Box 1937

Mt. View, AR 72560